14 Cool Show-Stopping And Jaw-Dropping Modern Chandeliers

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A chandelier is a fantastic source of light, which enriches the space and creates a statement when lighting it up. If you are trying to find a bold statement piece for the room, I’ve got a plenty of contemporary thoughts! Look at those chandeliers, I’m sure, they will strike everybody!

This Flower Power chandelier out of VGnewtrend is an ode to spring up, the stirring of character in charming bright colors with subtle nuances. Flower Power is the triumph of pink tulips, which highlights your space in a truly original way. This unique, charming chandelier, which will be made exclusively to purchase, consists of a high number of synthetic tulips, between which LED Murano glass lamps are arranged harmoniously. The colours of the chandelier could be changed according to the clients’ requests.

The three perpendicular bands, made in solid brushed brass and embedded with LEDs, are fused together by brushed brass rings set at each of the six intersections.

Handcrafted by Fusion Z, the chandelier compromises of seventeen, individual, hand-blown, patterned glass fixtures that create a strong visual language and also give an illusion of movement.

These chandeliers are all about counterweights and pulleys, they have a cool mechanical-inspired design. They combine crystal wheels, weights, and handblown pendants.

The breathtaking and the extremely decadent Branko Chandelier by Ipe Cavalli is conspicuously distinguishable thanks to its luxurious design. Part of the Visionnaire Collection, the chandelier is dotted with esoteric references, baroque styling and surreal design ethos. Consecrating conventional design principles, the chandelier makes quite a hedonistic statement.

Misshapen glass bubbles appear to be sprouting from this Fungo chandelier by Brazilian design duo Humberto and Fernando Campana. The piece was inspired by the shapes of mushrooms growing on wood. The chandelier has six arms, made from sections of wood that alternate between solid pieces and pairs of slats. The main idea was to create a contrast between the formal rigidity of the chandelier’s wooden structure and the pieces of glass that seem to spontaneously germinate from the wood.

Tthe 9ft ‘X diamond 3/60’ chandelier by Stickbulb is a celebration of hexagonal and octahedral forms in nature, consisting of 60 three foot long maple wood bulbs joined together by cast brass joints. The design allows for numerous perspectives, encouraging the spectator to circle the construction to discover the multiple layers within its structure. All of the bulbs have been inserted along the length of the panels of wood, causing geometrical shapes to bounce in all directions.

Bubble designs become more and more popular, and we get inspired with more and more cool décor pieces composed of them. Jean and Oliver Pelle from New York studio, ‘Pelle’ has launched their latest design: X-Large Bubble Chandelier. This very romantic and magical lamp seems to fly in the air due to its lightness. The designers also developed a collection of distinctive lights that artfully combines PELLE’s signature material palette of cotton and leather cording with blown-glass globes. There are many variations of colors and materials available, so you can create your own X-Large Bubble Chandelier.

Sculptural shards of bevelled glass are arranged into a diamond shape around the light source of Mary Wallis’ Edie lamp. Measuring 33″ tall, Mary Wallis’ multifaceted Edie lamp can be given with satin brass or nickel hardware and smokey grey or clear glass.

Glass mill Tracy Glover introduced the’Metropolis Bar’ chandelier, an enjoyable take on a traditional chandelier. Seven glass lighting, in a combination of shapes, dangle from strings which are draped artfully around a rectangular bar. Made up of different cylindrical and globe shapes in Primavera, Twist, Ribbed, and Smooth patterns, with a black oxide finish and black lace fabric string. When used with a mixture of different wattage Edison bulbs, the chandelier becomes as much a talking piece as it is illuminating.

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