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This isn’t simply a boho home, it is really a Scandinavian boho just one! This home belongs to both Feb fashion and interiors designer Malene Birger, and it’s really high in creative and chic details, let us take a peek at them.

Your home is performed in black and white much like a traditional Scandinavian space but textural information and eye-catchy boho details shift. Every one of the spaces are bombarded with natural light in the greatest traditions of contemporary style. You’ll find many interesting painted wood furniture bits which may appear inappropriate but nonetheless look very natural in such Scandinavian rooms. There are 3 spaces included: a living room, a bedroom and a home office however as a result of numerous details, it appears that you’re looking at an entire a lot of rooms. The further you examine the spaces, the further interesting touches you visit.

The living room features a leather settee, glass coffee table a carpet and tons of artworks in the wall and also around. Within the fireplace it is possible to observe a lot of picture artworks, you will find distinct sculptures and figurines displayed round and also a black leather chair and a long lamp on it a more comfy and chic reading nook. Although sideboard is pristine white, it’s a textural surface which adds interest.

The master bedroom adheres into the style of the entire space: it’s done in black and white with a great deal of artworks hanging over — I bet that they have been produced by whoever owns this space. Enjoy the appearance with the home below!

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