25 Awesome Living Rooms With Wood Walls

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Wood is one of the better materials to use for home decor because it’s classic, comfy, chic and adds interest to some space. We keep using a peek at the best spaces with wooden walls, and this round up is dedicated to living rooms.

As for living rooms, a wood walls is one who catches your eye when you stumble inside, or it may be considered a fireplace wall. The wood along with its look is your choicepersonally: whitewashed wood can be a fit for a airy shabby chic space. A dark wood wall can be used at a moody space or produce a bold statement in an neutral or colored modern space. The wood might be slick or retrieved and weathered so as to bring a comfy textural texture to the space.

Light-Colored Wood Walls

Whitewashed and gray wood walls are excellent for a variety of kinds of insides: Classy, shabby chic, modern and several different ones. To get your light-colored wood wall more eye-catchy, you can go for weathered wood, which shows off lovely feel. Yet another interesting idea is rocking an image art right on the wood.

Natural-Colored Wood Walls

Wood in its own natural spots is an remarkable choice — its own natural and grain colors is likely to make almost any space comfier and more inviting. It might be brightly colored colored wood, that’ll draw attention with its own warmth. Weathered and outdated wood looks great, it’s ideal for bucolic and shabby chic insides, and also reclaimed wood may be employed for this type walls. An additional idea to produce your wall appear more eye would be touse wood planks, that’ll present the space today’s nonetheless cursory texture.

Dark Wood Walls

If you’re developing a moody space or merely need a dark accent on your space, then a black or dark wood plank wall can be the ideal means to complete that. Lay a dark fireplace onto this particular wall and also accentuate it with black marble or rock — and also a gorgeous accent is completed! An additional idea is engineered wood planks in a variety of patterns, as an instance, chevron or diagonal, to make the space more fun.

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