35 Cozy String Lights Ideas For Living Rooms

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String lights of most kinds are hot for decoration, they truly are budget-friendly, make a snug ambiance and may be wrapped anywhere. Now we’re discussing the trendiest some ideas we may find for living spaces, and here you can find a number of techniques to make use of them. To start with it is possible to hang them where you would like, secondly, you can create fire-place statements together with them, next, you might highlight a corner or even a zone on the room, also you can find several more thoughts to stone series lights, let us take a good peek in all of them.


If your chimney isn’t a non-working or artificial one, it isn’t just a challenge — simply set some firewood covered with series lights indoors, and then voila — you still make a splash of some functional fireplace, also this indicates instant coziness. It is also possible to attempt candles series lights, or just series lights placed indoors to create an appearance you would like.


When you’ve got utter drapes, add chain lights into them that method you’ll highlight the window along with perspectives, and certainly will make a cosy mood. It is going to even do the job with glistening walls hang drapes and insert them lights, and you’re going to find an extremely glam space. If you have no drapes, not a problem: simply attach the lights across the window and you’re going to highlight it.

Open Layouts

Split up the spacious design together with rope lights hang on them being a drape, and you’re going to find yourself a brilliant bright and airy space divider. This really is a superb idea that fits all decoration fashions, therefore take to!


Accent your television with rope lights — hang on it upon the walls, or pay for the television unit together with them and insert candles for lighting. You might even produce an awesome ambiance with candle lanterns round to underline the zone a lot more.

Other Ideas

Hang chain lights across the entire room — as much as you would like! Accent an specific distance or corner, as an instance, a pastime or perhaps a functional nook in just a livingroom. Emphasize a gallery using series lights, enliven a mirrored timber walls or produce a trendy hint with lights twist in your imagination and have a great time!

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