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Terrazzo is a substance which is made up of chips of marble, granite, quartz, glass, or other appropriate substance, poured using a polymeric binder. Additional chips might be sprinkled beneath the mixture before it stinks. Once it’s treated it can be ground and polished smooth or finished to create a textured coating. This substance was used mainly for outside décor or for flooring but today it is being rocked more broadly. Among the latest current layout and décor tendencies is using terrazzo for a variety of surfaces in your home or perhaps for furniture since it is lasting and eye-catchy. Want a few examples?


Terrazzo is commonly employed to get kitchen décor: floors are a traditional application but nowadays you’ll be able to view terrazzo countertops and backsplashes, that is an excellent option, they seem exceptional, eye-catchy and are extremely durable. You’re able to pick terrazzo that is suitable for your kitchen colour scheme or select for something quite contrasting, it is your choice as well as the effect that you need to create.


Terrazzo is traditionally employed for baths , it is water-resistant and incredibly lasting and requires minimal maintenance using a cool appearance — is not that exactly what we all need for toilets? You can utilize it for walls and floors and also install terrazzo bathtubs and sinks to keep the décor. Terrazzo can differ in a variety of locations or the exact same anywhere, and you may elect for vibrant models or serene and marble-inspired light ones.


A new fad is terrazzo furniture, it is brilliant, fascinating and these things are not only outside, they could operate indoor, also. These are able to be coffee tables, credenzas, chairs, dining tables, chairs and a lot of different pieces which it is simple to take outside without being fearful they become spoilt by poor weather circumstances. Low and high maintenance are ideal features for contemporary furniture.

Other Ideas

Staircases are usually clad with terrazzo, mainly due to durability although the trendy appearance is also significant. Terrazzo appears really tasteful with metallic accents, therefore select banisters accordingly.

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