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This home is maybe among the very most eye-catchy spaces I have ever seen — it is not about bold colors but around contemporary art and unique furniture pieces. This really is a sizable three-story home remodeled by Amsterdam-based studio Cocoon Living.

Your home is achieved with white walls and ceilings however, dark wooden floors clad using a herringbone design, which creates a bold contrast and also a plain background for artworks. The diverse combination of furniture and decorations creates a little beach feeling however it’s perhaps not that sea signature, but it is really a cold sea texture that’s characteristic of the Netherlands. You’re able to observe Versailles Baroque-style chandeliers alongside sea-shells, a mirror that whose spokes remember the sunlight that illuminates the African savannah, mixed using a replica of a vivid red ibis, a bird indigenous to South America. Artworks are every where in the home, and so they make an extremely inspiring and art-filled ambience, so all of the spaces are quite restraint in the color palette aside from you personally.

The sole colorful room listed here is really a youngster’s space completed with a flowery paper lamp, curtains, pillows and a colorful striped carpet. This really is a woman’s room, why don’t you utilize florals and glowing colors? And what’s your favourite room?

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