How to Make Lava Lamps

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How to Make Lava Lamps is good idea to add a centerpiece of your decoration. It is fantastic lamp the show beautiful effect than make the space feel so great. To get this lamp for your decoration is really easy. You can build your own lava lamp from something that you can find in your home. The most important thing is you have to know how to create it and we will give you some easy tips of your lava lamp.

1. Prepare the material you need. In preparing the material, you will need bottle. You can get it by using large soda or water bottle. Rinse the bottle to get clean bottle. Large bottle is needed to get clearly display of your lava lamp. Try to find the bottle that holds at least 16 ounces or 500 milliliter. The method of how to make a lava lamp using bottle is safe for your kids. So you can ask your kids to do the project together.

2. Add oil, water and food coloring. In this step, you have to fill the bottle with vegetable oil, water and food coloring. It is recommended to fill the bottle ¾ of the way full. For coloring, you just need 10 drops of food coloring or enough to make the liquid fairly dark. In this case, you can use orange or red food color to give lava effect of your lamp. Mix them to get coloring liquid you want.

3. Add salt or an alka-seltzer tablet. The salt or alka-seltzer is used to create lava effect to the liquid. If you use salt in your project, you can sprinkle it for five second. It is done to allow the salt reaction of the liquid. If you want something exciting, you can use an alka-seltzer, break it into a few pieces and put them all in. you can find the alka-seltzer that is sold as vitamin C tablet at drugstore near your home. Then put the bottle cap. Tip the bottle back to make the colored water and oil join together.

4. Place a strong flashlight under the bottle. The light is used to show the illuminate the bubble of the liquid for maximum effect. By placing the light under the bottle, you will get fantastic lava lamp with bubble effect. It will be you great own lava lamp that will give you more centerpiece in your living room or even for dining area. Before you install the lava lamp as your centerpiece for table, it is great for you to create experiment with the flashlight on your mobile phone.

Those are the best idea of how to make a homemade lava lamp that will be safe for your kids and can give beautiful decoration in your space. You can also make it with unique shape of the bottle to create awesome effect. Try to decorate it with other pieces to get elegant and cool lava lamp. Using lamp with electricity is recommended to get permanent lava lamp. but you have to make sure the cable of the lamp is safety.

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