How to Organize Shoes in a Small Space

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How to Organize Shoes in a Small Space will help you to make your space looks bigger. Shoes storage is important to be determined. By organizing shoes storage, you will get neat and tidy room. if there is no shoes storage while there are a lot of shoes collections, your room will look limited. In small space, you need to organize shoes storage and we will give you some ideas to get shoes storage in your small space.

1. Wall storages. Wall is the best space that can be used as shoes storage. It is good idea to use wall as storage because you do not need to provide more space in your room. To get this storage, you can make the holes on the wall. Place the boards as shelves. Or you can place a bookcase as shoes storage. It is an effective way to organize shoes in small space. Build beautiful shelves or bookcase so that it can be additional decoration there.

2. Modern towel rod. The other idea of how to organize your shoes in small space is by using towel rod. It is minimalist shoes storage space idea that will be great for small space. This clever shoes storage idea will give you extra space to put other furniture. It can be done by hanging the towel rod on the wall. Choose cool design of the towel rod to give extra decoration and you can hang your shoes collections on.

3. Shelves. To get extra shoes storage in your home, the simplest way of it is by using shelves. Shelves will help you to give more storage space and can be decorated with other accessories. You can also arrange the shelves in unique arrangement so that you get unique and awesome decoration. To make this storage space looks neat, you can store the shoes in its box and put them on the shelves.

4. A glass cabinet. If you have no extra shoes storage space in your small space, a glass cabinet can be creative solution. The cabinet will face your shoes collection so that it will look cool and incredible. Dark glass cabinet with light color inside make the shoes storage feels so great. High cabinet is recommended to give more space for your storage. Put your shoes collection in the glass cabinet and organize them in perfect look.
Organize shoes storage space in small space is needed to get perfect decoration. Besides, it can make room bigger and brighter. Using light color of the shoes storage will add the impression of the large room. Sometimes, extra furniture is needed to provide more storage space. High furniture is good idea. It means the furniture should be from the floor to ceiling high. Good shoes arrangement will add beautiful touch of your small space decoration.

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