Wonderful Cube House With An Outer Shell

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This unique-looking home is called Practically Cube House and has been assembled by LAND Arquitectos at Chile.

Your home is situated on a suburban western mountain of the mountain. LAND’s idea will be to maximize the perspectives of this ocean, optimizing northern sun and protecting your house from the south west wind. Todo so they ordered the amount in pine-wood having a truss system which delineates the key traces of their within distances, reflected from the roofing and the outside fa├žade. Your skin also creates some private outside spaces which feel fuller. The casing or first skin attempts to give relaxation in a safe space.

The meeting space, that comprises a kitchen, a living room and a dining room, is oriented to the northwest, shielded from the end and also maximizing sun. It’s covered — perhaps not — with a wooden skin which evidences the passing daily at a consistent change of shadows and lights.

Your home includes tiled walls, and so the privacy is achieved just with all the shell. The decoration is contemporary, although minimalist — all of the spaces feel comfy and spacious and there is the least furniture. Every thing is based across the perspectives, therefore nothing surpasses the glistening walls to fully relish views and sunlight.

SOURCE : DigsDigs

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