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I can not imagine a cozier home than a wooden cabin: lots of wood in interior and exterior decor, a small dimensions and the place — a forest or hills make such a dwelling a great vacation home for anyone who loves nature. If you’re a sucker for such homes like me, you will surely like the cabin which we are discussing now.

The owners wanted to retain a traditional and representative façade towards the road and other settlement in the village, however, they wished a more open aspect to the fjord and mountains.

The original building comprised a range of substances, and included both vertical and horizontal paneling. The architects glazed the south-west wall so the kitchen supplied amazing views across the scenic landscape. Another window has been mounted inside the bedroom, offering picturesque views out of bed.

Nearly all the interior partitions are removed, with only the bedroom maintained. The attic and the ground floor are combined to make one airy space, while a tiled space with underfloor heating allows wet shoes to dry inside the property. Other developments include an insulating wind membrane within the walls to reduce heat loss, and a wooden roof, that has been put over the existing corrugated iron canopy.

To the west, the original façade was preserved, but now contains a covered shelter where equipment and clothes can be kept dry. The porch also functions as an additional external area for diversion. The use of natural and modern substances created the retreat very cozy and functional.

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