31 Wonderful Eye-Catchy Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

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We’ve only told you of a few suggestions to spruce up a kitchen, and wall mounted art pieces and several types of décor were among them. Now I’d love to provide you with a few of the trendiest wall décor suggestions to rock, you can readily DIY them or buy, and they will make your kitchen bolder for certain. Let us get inspired!

EAT Signs

Because this is a kitchen, the wall décor should also be kitchen-themed: connected with cooking and eating. There’s nothing so popular for kitchen wall décor as an EAT sign. It can be drawn up on pallet wood, on cutting boards, on cheese boards; these could be wooden letters attached to the wall or letters made of cork or metal. Paint and style them according to the kitchen décor.

Decorative Plate Walls

Decorative plates just can’t seem more organic everywhere than at a kitchen or dining space. They can be all different, brought from different trips or purchased at different flea markets, or even at precisely the same style but of different colours. If you take some plates brought from your trips, they will inspire you and raise your mood each moment, such a great thought! Attach them directly to the wall on your dining zone or set them on wooden shelves or ledges in case you do not wish to spoil the wall cover.

Potted Plants

Potted plants, largely herbs, are not just a wall decoration but also a great and functional thing for virtually any kitchen. Attach board with planters on them — cover the boards with chalkboard paint to signal what herbs you have. Another concept is to attach metal holders and hang baskets on them — Ikea Fintorp is appropriate one of these pieces. You may always have new greenery this way and new greenery will enliven the space, isn’t’ that a fantasy?


Old utensils could be repurposed into trendy wall art pieces. Paint them and attach them to the walls, or attach them into a framed board to create a trendy wall artwork. It is also possible to get some trendy oversized decorative utensils to attach to the walls and then unite them with numerous signs. It might be a great decoration for any eating place. You might even use trays and baskets — simply attach them to the wall to get a trendy appearance.

Other Suggestions

Go for eye-catching decor ideas: create you have wall art using distinct DIY tutorial in the internet. Combine many signs, utensils, potted herbs, plates and shabby elegant mirrors how you enjoy it to create exceptional wall décor. Get inspired!

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