32 Appealing Blue Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Blue is a colour adored by everyone — it has stunning shades that may fit any area, any event. Blue has become a beloved color for most designers and decorators, they rock various shades in chambers and homes they design. Blue could be a fit for contemporary and vintage, industrial and glam, coastal and rustic and many other spaces, it is very relaxing and absolutely ageless. Today I’m going to share a whole lot of blue eye-candies to those that are suckers for blue: these are blue kitchens of different tones. Let’s begin!

Blue Kitchen Cabinetry

Choose your color of blue and stone such cupboards, here everything is possible, from gentle pastel serenity blue and light blue to cobalt or navy. Pale blue, serenity and other peaceful shades are amazing for coastal, rustic, shabby chic and vintage kitchens but of course you’ll be able to rock them to get different designs, too. Any shades of blue may stand out much more with aluminum or brass handles and touches throughout the kitchen, this way it will look more glam.

Pastel shades are fantastic for vintage, shabby chic, coastal and different styles. They go nicely with white or neutral countertops, together with tile or marble backsplashes. Brass and aluminum add glam and chic, and mosaic tiles are a wonderful concept to add eye-catchiness to your cabinetry.

Vibrant shades of blue such as cobalt and electrical look very cool in contemporary or antique kitchens, and in modern types. This cabinetry could be turned into even cooler using white tile or marble backsplashes and natural or white wood countertops that will add a rustic touch

Dark blue shades are fantastic for contemporary, industrial, classic and only moody kitchens. To produce the kitchen maybe not that dark, it is possible to rock white marble and tiles, or choose calm greys. If the kitchen is quite dark and you do not want it to slip the area visually, then try white suspended cupboards along with dark blue ones in the ground this way the kitchen will appear lightweight.

Blue Kitchen Islands

If you are not prepared for rocking a daring blue kitchen simply can not alter the colour today, try only a blue kitchen island. This is a smart way to put in a coastal or beachfront feel to the kitchen or simply to add a vibrant touch to the room. Whether there are not other grim details, you can join the kitchen island into the space utilizing exactly the very same countertops. Enjoy!

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