Cool 100-Year-Old Residence With A Contemporary Interior

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This historic Vancouver residence, that will be 100 years older, has been remodeled by Canadian studio Falken Reynolds to boost the original attributes and add a modern feel to those spaces.

The designers made a thoroughly modern interior with respect to the legacy origins, and the decoration incorporates stark white surfaces along with modern finishes. A brand new open-plan design puts a kitchen in the core along with a dining room nearby since the kitchen has become the most crucial feature for those customers who are just two chefs. It occupies over half of the square footage of the primary floor, but seems smaller by means of color-blocked types and materials.

Falken Reynolds optimized space by building a single static kitchen island also added a local dining table in precisely the exact same height. The island comprises mechanical and electrical systems, whereas the movable component may make sense for a protracted surface for dinner parties.

The end result has been a space for 2 chefs to perform their magic from the kitchen and transform the space into a big dining area to sponsor multi-course meals. The kitchen cabinetry and granite countertops are all modern, and juxtapose using all the home’s historic specifics. Using white and black wood surfaces throughout assist to tie the insides together.

A sitting room can be found in the front entrance and can be separated from the kitchen with a corner terrace. Converting a run of small rooms into an open design included shoring up the crumbling foundations, including structural beams and increasing portions of the ground.

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